DFA Profile

Our Profile

Drug-Free Africa (DFA) is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization that exists to promote Safe and Drug Abuse Free African Communities through collective impact models, evidence-based prevention interventions, Strategic Prevention Framework, and cultural competency to meet the increasing demand for prevention, treatment, and public health services in Africa. Areas of focus; education, research, community outreach, collaborations, and advocacy.

DFA Focus Areas

  • Education: Empowering African Countries to enhance addiction Prevention and Treatment workforce capacity through training and professional development
  • Research: Conducting Drug Demand Reduction related research to inform African policymakers
  • Advocacy: Advocacy for Drug Demand Reduction evidence-based interventions in Africa
  • Networking: Providing online Drug Demand Reduction resource portal for Africa linking African people to global Drug Demand Reduction opportunities

DFA Programmes

  • Promote professionalization through Credentialing Universal Prevention Curriculum (UPC) and the Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC). Training of Global Trainers, National Trainers, Staff of Training Institutions, National Treatment and Prevention Workers
  • Address populations with special clinical needs. For example, adolescents, children, women, parents, workers, child soldiers, HIV/AIDS high-risk populations, etc
  • Promote Drug-Free Coalitions- Families, Schools, Community, Health Sector, Media, and Work Place