Drug-Free Africa (DFA) is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization that exists to promote Safe and Drug Abuse Free African Communities through collective impact models, evidence-based prevention interventions, Strategic Prevention Framework, and cultural competency to meet the increasing demand for prevention, treatment, and public health services in Africa. Areas of focus; education, research, community outreach, collaborations, and advocacy.

“We need all governments to show greater solidarity and provide support, to developing countries most of all, to tackle illicit drug trafficking and offer evidence-based services for drug use disorders and related diseases, so we can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, promote justice, and leave no one behind” Ghada Waly the UNODC Executive Director

DFA Focus areas;

  • Education: Empowering African Countries to enhance addiction Prevention and Treatment workforce capacity through training and professional development
  • Research: Conducting Drug Demand Reduction related research to inform African policymakers
  • Advocacy: Advocacy for Drug Demand Reduction evidence-based interventions in Africa
  • Networking: Providing online Drug Demand Reduction resource portal for Africa linking African people to global Drug Demand Reduction opportunities

DFA Programs;

  • Promote professionalization through Credentialing Universal Prevention Curriculum (UPC) and the Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC). Training of Global Trainers, National Trainers, Staff of Training Institutions, National Treatment and Prevention Workers
  • Address populations with special clinical needs. For example, adolescents, children, women, parents, workers, child soldiers, HIV/AIDS high-risk populations, etc
  • Promote Drug-Free Coalitions- Families, Schools, Community, Health Sector, Media, and Work Place